Safe at Cambrian

Cambrian's Commitment to Survivors of Sexual Assault

Anyone who has experienced sexual violence has the right to:
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be treated with dignity and respect

be believed

be informed about on and off-campus services and resources

decide whether or not to access available services and to choose those services he/she feel will be most beneficial

decide whether to report to campus security and/or local police

have an on-campus investigation with the institution's full cooperation

have a safety plan

have reasonable and necessary actions taken to prevent further unwanted contact with the alleged perpetrator(s)

Safe at Cambrian

File a Report

Survivors of sexual assault may choose a criminal and/or non-criminal option for reporting.

Criminal complaint

Any community members may pursue criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Canada through the police services.

Contact Information

Local Police Services

  • In Sudbury, call 705-675-9171
  • In Espanola, call 705-869-3251
  • In Little Current, call 1-888-310-1122
Non-criminal complaint

If you would like to make a non-criminal complaint to the College, the Manager, Equity, Human Rights and Accessibility can explain the processes available through the Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Protocol. Depending on the circumstances, non-criminal options may include, but are not limited to: "no contact" undertakings with the alleged assailant, on or off-campus safety planning, class scheduling and other academic accommodations, and/or workplace accommodations.

  • Campus Security Services may impose or facilitate interim measures to restrict access to some college facilities by the alleged perpetrator where the College determines there may be a safety risk.
  • If either you or the alleged perpetrator is a student living in Residence, the College may take immediate steps to protect you and potential witnesses, the College community, or any of its members. For instance, the General Manager, Residence may deem it necessary to provide the you and/or the alleged perpetrator/respondent with alternative housing assignments during an investigation.
  • If you or alleged perpetrator/respondent is an employee of the College, the College may impose or facilitate interim measures such as, but not limited to, moving the respondent to a different department, or placing the respondent on an administrative leave of absence pending resolution of the complaint.

The use of College administrative processes does not preclude the use of other options outside the College such as criminal proceedings.

Contact Information

Manager, Equity, Human Rights and Accessibility
705- 566-8101, ext. 7235, room 4089E

Campus Security Services
705-566-8101, ext. 7911, room 2036

Residence Service Desk
705-566-8101, ext. 7583

Students' Administrative Council (SAC)
705-566-8101, ext. 7729, room 1164

If the alleged assailant is an employee of the College

If an employee of the College becomes aware of an allegation of sexual violence against another member of the College community, the employee is required to report the incident to their supervisor or that person's supervisor.