Safe at Cambrian

Cambrian's Commitment to Survivors of Sexual Assault

Anyone who has experienced sexual violence has the right to:
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be treated with dignity and respect

be believed

be informed about on and off-campus services and resources

decide whether or not to access available services and to choose those services he/she feel will be most beneficial

decide whether to report to campus security and/or local police

have an on-campus investigation with the institution's full cooperation

have a safety plan

have reasonable and necessary actions taken to prevent further unwanted contact with the alleged perpetrator(s)

Safe at Cambrian

Get Involved

Roles and Responsibilities of the College Community

While everyone on campus has a role to play in responding to incidents of sexual violence, some campus members will have specific responsibilities which might include:

  • On-campus health supports to provide psychological and emotional support, assist with safety planning, provide and/or make referrals to other services including medical services;
  • Faculty, staff and administrators to facilitate academic accommodations and other academic needs of those who have experienced sexual violence, e.g., extensions on assignments, continuing studies from home, and dropping courses;
  • Residence staff to facilitate safe living arrangements to the best of their abilities.
  • Human Resources to assist with any incidents relating to employees; and
  • Security to assist with investigations and gathering evidence, to implement measures to reduce sexual violence on campus, and to collaborate with local police where appropriate.

More information about these resources is available under Find support.

By-stander tips

Most people want to help others, and frequently do. Yet when students witness situations that seem potentially harmful to someone else, it's often difficult to know how to help. Understanding why it's hard, and learning how to overcome those barriers, empowers us to act on our values more consistently. Learn how to prevent sexual assault on campus by becoming an effective bystander.

It's Never Okay

Ontario has a plan to stop sexual violence and harassment. By focusing on the root causes of sexual violence - unhealthy attitudes and behaviours and gender inequality - we will make our province safer and more responsive to sexual violence and harassment.